Welcome to the NEW American Motorist Magazine

American Motorist Magazine was created early in the 20th century by the fledgling American Automobile Association (AAA) as a way to communicate with its growing membership. Over the years, AAA divided into regional and state organizations, each with its own or shared membership publication. American Motorist eventually disappeared as a freestanding title in the mid-1950s.

Although not affiliated in any way with AAA, this site hopes to bring back some of the excitement early motorists had in discovering places to go and things to see in those early—and often dangerous—automobiles. We'll find and re-publish long out of circulation stories of early motor travel in the U.S. and, when we can, juxtapose them against travel to the same location today. We’ll also offer a modern day travel section for those interested in going places and doing things the 21st century way.

Come along with us, then, as we explore the country in our 1920 "flivver" or our 2005 SUV. What's changed? What hasn't? Where would a traveler from 1925 be right at home in 2005 and where would the shock of change be the greatest?